Forensic Audio Services

We offer a full range of forensic audio services including audio enhancement, audio authentication and transcriptions. For more information on our forensic audio services, including case work examples, please click on the service you are interested in the panel on the left hand side.

Forensic Audio Enhancement - Improve Audio Quality - Digital Forensics


Improvement of audio recordings through enhancement techniques such as removal of tones, ambient noise reduction and amplitude correction. 

Audio Authentication - Audio Forensics - Edited Audio


Investigation as to whether an audio recording has been manipulated in any manner. 

Forensic Audio Transcriptions - Audio Forensics


Providing an expert transcription through critical listening with variations in playback speed using studio grade equipment. 

Convert Cassette Tape - Forensic Audio - Format Conversion

Format Conversion

Converting audio and DAT cassettes and to a high quality digital format allows for playback on non-specific players.

Audio Forensics - Extract Audio - Digital Forensics


Extraction of audio data from devices while following best practices to maintain the chain of custody. 

Prepare Audio - Audio Forensics

Courtroom Preparation

Professional quality audio clips of interest in sequence, including such processes as level balances, transitions, reduction of playback speed and looping.

Audio Redaction - Recording Redaction - Audio Forensics


Isolation or redaction of words or sentences for use of evidence within a courtroom.

Forensic Audio | Audio Forensics


Consultations over evidence potential, expert reports and the results of analysis, via telephone or face to face meetings.

Forensic Expert Witness - Audio Expert - Audio Forensics

Expert Testimony

Providing expert testimony in the courtroom regarding the results of a forensic examination and assist in the questioning of testimony provided by the opposing expert witness.