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Audio recordings can suffer from a range of issues which can reduce both the intelligibility and the overall quality of the content. Forensic audio enhancement can improve the quality to ensure the potential of the evidence is realised, from various sources including mobile phones, telephone calls and videos recordings.

Audio enhancement by a Forensic Audio Expert can improve the quality, remove noise and generally create a recording with a higher level of clarity. Sound is one of the most volatile formats there is. A little too much background noise or a step too far from the microphone and you won't hear that telling conversation.  Improving the audio quality can reveal the potential within a recording, whether from a mobile phone (for example the iPhone Voice Memo App), portable audio recorder , police interview or a telephone call.

Attempts to use free or lost cost Apps or software could not only result in irreversibly degrading the recording, but  also lead to the unintentional changing of words. In a worst case scenario it could lead to the recording being ruled as inadmissible and disallowed as evidence. Forensic examiners understand the legal requirements of an enhancement to ensure that it is accepted as evidence. 

We have experience in forensic audio enhancement for all purposes, and have published and presented peer-reviewed research on the subject, most recently at the American Academy of Forensic Science Annual Conference in Seattle, USA. 

We can improve all kinds of audio and solve a variety of problems including:

Background Noise


Distracting Clicks or Beeps


Low Amplitude Speech

Noise from the recording device

Excessive reverberation (Echo)

We can read, and if necessary, convert from any audio format, including MP3, WAV, M4A & AAC.  We are always happy provide a short sample of where requested as to manage expectations of what is possible.