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Forensic Transcriptions Provide Further Detail

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Although an audio recording can be compelling evidence, it can be difficult to present due to the requirement for specific equipment for playback. Transcriptions can provide a documented record to make sharing and referencing of pertinent sections simple.

Transcriptions can provide a documented record of what is said within a recording and can reduce subjectivity between multiple people when attempting to make a point of what was said. Many recordings can also contain questionable words due to high noise levels and may be perceived differently by different people. In a general sense, the lower the audio quality, the more unreliable the transcription is. For this reason we always recommend a review to determine if enhancement would improve the recording before transcription takes place.

Transcription services that charge per minute may listen to a forensic audio recording with a noisy passage and mark it as "inaudible" as they do not have the time to replay the section in an attempt to determine what was said. We specialise in forensic transcriptions and are used to working with low intelligibility speech.

We convert your audio recording speech to text and create forensic transcriptions through the use of high end audio devices and optimal environments for the critical listening stage. We also have techniques such as time-stretching available to reduce the playback speed of sentences while maintaining the pitch to determine what those hard to hear words actually are. The transcriptions can then be delivered in the form of a text document or subtitled video to provide the highest possible clarity.

We provide audio analysis for the private, civil and criminal sectors with competitive rates that meet those of Legal Aid Agency.

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