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Videos can suffer from a range of issues which can reduce both the visibility of events and the overall quality of the content. Forensic video enhancement can improve the quality to ensure the potential of the video is realised.

Enhancement of video recordings by forensic video experts can improve video quality, remove blur, sharpen, and provide clarity to faces, events and other elements present within a video recording. As CCTV cameras have come to dominate our streets and mobile phones have become ubiquitous worldwide, so too has the number of video recordings. All too often these recordings are less than optimal quality and require enhancement to bring out the best of the evidence.

types of cases

We perform authentication of audio recordings in all sectors including for use in criminal and civil trials, family court, workplace disputes and private matters.

As our duty is to the court and not the instructing party we can perform work on the instruction of both prosecution and defence, and can offer rates that meet those of the Legal Aid Agency accordingly.

Types of recordings

We can perform video enhancement on all video recordings, regardless of the capture method or format, including:

  • CCTV video recordings

  • Mobile phone video recordings (from all models, including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia)

  • Body Worn Camera video recordings (for example those worn by Police or Bailiffs)

  • Social media video recordings

  • Vehicle Dash Camera video recordings

types of problems solved

We can improve all kinds of videos and solve a variety of problems including:

  • Blur

  • Low light

  • Under-Exposure

  • Compression artefacts

  • Sensor noise

  • Fast moving events

  • Poor quality audio

our expertise

Our Video Forensics expertise is evidenced by our research and presentations at international conferences and degrees in Media Forensics. We have performed video authentication examinations for organisations as prominent as the United Nations and took part in a large scale research project funded by the US Air Force and DARPA relating to the authentication of multimedia (Codename: MEDIFOR).

All of our Forensic Video Authentication techniques have been or are in the process of being validated in accordance with ISO 17025.

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