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VIDEO Authentication

Although less common than the manipulation of photos and audio, edited video recordings for nefarious purposes are becoming increasingly prevalent. With the rise in availability of free video editing software packages, the editing of video is more prominent than ever before. Authentication by a forensic video expert can detect tampering and manipulations made to video recordings. Our expertise in this area is evidenced by work performed for organisations such as the United Nations, and research published and presented at international forensic conferences.

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The most typical tampering scenarios are the deletion of sections of a recording from the beginning, middle or end of a recording, or changing the time-stamps to a different time than at which the event occurred. We can perform authentication examinations on all video recordings, regardless of the capture method or format, including:

  • CCTV video recordings

  • Mobile phone video recordings (from all models, including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia)

  • Body Worn Camera video recordings (for example those worn by Police or Bailiffs)

  • Social media video recordings

  • Vehicle Dash Camera video recordings