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Audio Authentication

With the rise in availability of free audio editing software packages, the editing of audio recordings is more prominent than ever before. Authentication by a forensic audio expert can detect tampering of an audio recording. Our expertise in this area is evidenced by our work for organisations such as the United Nations and the publishing and presentation of scientific research in this area at international conferences.

Audio tampering comes in many forms, from the more basic changing of the date a recording was captured through to the more complex processes of deleting or replacing words or entire sentences.

We have experience in the detecting of edits to audio recordings from a wide range of devices, including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile phone calls

  • Call Centre recordings (for example, from telesales or insurance companies)

  • 999 call recordings

  • mobile phone recordings (such as those made using the Apple Voice Memos App)

  • Dictaphone recordings

  • Portable recorders (E.g. Olympus, Sony, Tascam)

  • Body Worn Camera recordings (for example Axom and Pinnacle)

  • CCTV camera audio

  • Undercover recordings made by the security services.

We can detect tampering regardless of the format, whether it’s MP3, M4A, AAC or WAV and many of our detection tools were developed in-house based on peer-reviewed and published scientific research, so are not available off the shelf.