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With the now ubiquitous nature of Mobile Phones, the use of audio recordings for trials is more prominent than ever before. We can enhance, authenticate and transcribe audio recordings from all devices.


We perform audio forensics in all sectors including for use in criminal and civil trials, family court, workplace disputes and private matters.

As our duty is to the court and not the instructing party we can perform work on the instruction of both prosecution and defence, and can offer rates that meet those of the Legal Aid Agency accordingly.


We have experience in audio recordings from a wide range of devices, including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile phone calls

  • Call Centre recordings (for example, from telesales or insurance companies)

  • 999 call recordings

  • Mobile phone recordings (for example using iPhone Voice Memos)

  • Dictaphone recordings

  • Portable recorders

  • Body Worn Camera recordings

  • CCTV camera audio

  • Undercover recordings


Our Audio Forensics expertise is evidenced by our peer-reviewed and published scientific research papers, presentations at international conferences and degrees in both Audio Engineering and Media Forensics. We have performed audio authentication examinations for organisations as prominent as the United Nations and took part in a large scale research project funded by the US Air Force and DARPA relating to the authentication of multimedia (Codename: MEDIFOR).

All of our Forensic Audio Authentication techniques have been or are in the process of being validated in accordance with ISO 17025.