Forensic Video Services

There are more CCTV and video recording devices now than ever before, mostly due to the fall in the cost of hardware and the increase in technology available to us.  Video is therefore the most common format in Audio-Visual forensics and can encompass all disciplines, from image through to audio.

Video forensic services offered include CCTV Enhancement, video authentication and motion-tracking of suspects. For more information on our forensic video services, including case work examples, please click on the service you are interested in on the left-hand panel.

CCTV Enhancement - Video Enhancement - Video Forensics - CCTV Forensics


Improve video clarity through techniques such as lens correction, blur reduction, average frame processing and sharpening.

Video Authentication - CCTV Authentication - Edited Video - Edited CCTV


Investigation as to whether the recording is original or has been manipulated in any manner.



Reconstruction of events through combining satelliete imagery with visual animations for video presentations.

Motion Tracking - Video Forensics - CCTV Forensics - Label Suspects

Motion Tracking

Tracking an individual within a recording within arrows and labels to provide clarity for others as to the sequence of events within a recording.

Facial Mapping - Facial Comparison - Expert - Video Forensics

Facial Mapping

Comparison of individuals through advanced morphological facial mapping.

Format Conversion - Video Forensics - CCTV Forensics

Format Conversion

Many CCTV Systems use propriety hardware and software which only allow playback on that device. Conversion allows for playback on all software.

Extract Frames - CCTV Frames - CCTV Stills - Image Forensics

Frame Extraction

Convert video frames to uncompressed images to give the use of individual frames as image evidence.

CCTV - Extraction - Video Forensics - Digital Forensics


Extraction of video from DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) while following best practices to maintain the chain of custody.

Video Presentations - CCTV Presentations - DVD - CCTV Forensics

Video Presentations

Professional quality video of interest in sequence including such processes as transitions, labeling and highlighting/retraction of individuals.

CCTV Redaction - Blur Suspects - Remove Suspect - Mask Faces


Obscure an individual within a video for use as evidence, for example blurring an individuals face or number plate within a CCTV recording.

Video Forensics | Forensic Video | CCTV Forensics


Consultations over evidence potential, expert reports and the results of analysis, via telephone or face to face meetings.

Expert Witness - Expert Testimony - Image Forensics - Video Forensics

Expert Testimony

Providing expert testimony in the courtroom regarding the results of a forensic examination and assist in the questioning of testimony provided by the opposing expert witness.