Forensic Audio Authentication

Audio authentication by a forensic audio expert can detect edits made to audio recordings including changing the date a recording was captured or removing words or sentences. Now that everybody owns a mobile phone, audio recordings are more common than ever. It is also very easy to edit an audio recording, within a mobile phone or by using computer software. The combination of these 2 factors has led to a rise in manipulated audio in criminal, civil and private affairs.

We can detect if an audio recordings has been manipulated, regardless of the format. If it's MP3, WAV, WMA or M4a, we apply techniques such as Double Quantization compression, butt-splicing and ENF comparisons. There are so many techniques at our disposal that the odds of getting an edited audio recording past us are incredibly low.

For more information on the ENF technique please click here to read James Zjalic's Audio Engineering Society research paper "A Low-cost, cloud-based, portable ENF device" and the Forensic Focus article "The future of ENF systems".