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Why Instruct Us?

Why Instruct Us?

The world of forensics can be a daunting  and confusing place for those with little experience of the field. There are many experts to choose from, but it can be hard to determine their ability and working processes. Below are some of the areas we feel we provide an advantage to our clients.

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No Obligation Quotations

We always conduct the initial review of evidence for no charge. During this assessment we will analyze the data and then advise on the potential of the evidence, options available and provide a no obligation quotation. It is not in our interest to perform work that we know we will produce results of little use to our clients.

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Cost Effective

Whether you are a solicitor or an individual representing yourself, we seek to provide the most cost effective solution to your case and will always advise you of the options available beforehand. Our rates meet the Legal Aid Agency requirements and we stick strictly to the hours quoted before commencing work.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

We understand that there are times when forensic reports are required quickly to meet courtroom deadlines or to allow time to consider the results before a court hearing. We therefore strive to turnaround work as quickly as possible from instruction (in most cases under 5 working days) and  provide estimated turnaround times which we stick to. 


Accessible Reports

Although we use the latest techniques and apply the utmost scientific integrity to our analysis, our aim is to make all of our findings understandable to the client. We break the findings down into an easyily comphrensable format, provide a glossary of the materials and methods used for our investigations and make use of analogies where possible. We also encourage questions from clients, as it is important to us that you understand how and why we have reached the conclusions that we have arrived at.



We don't offer a vast range of digital forensic services, as we know what we are good at. Some companies choose to spread their focus across the board, venturing into computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and social media forensics. We focus solely on audio, image and video, day in, day out, allowing us to have more experience and more understanding of the field. 

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Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity is one of our core values, which is demonstrated through our involvement in scientific research at government, academic and private levels. It is only in having strong fundamentals grounded in science that our work can be held in high regard and able to withstand any questions raised in relation to our work.



All of educational pursuits have been in the area of audio-visual forensics, including a 1st Class Hons Degree in Audio Engineering and a Masters in Media (Audio, Image & Video) Forensics. We also attend workshops regularly to build on our knowledge.

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Fast Response

When you contact us, whether by phone, email or post, we always  respond as soon as possible, often within the hour. As we are often working at our computers it is very easy for us to provide answers to clients queries quickly and effectively. 

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Published Experts

We are always looking to improve our knowledge and stay up to date with the latest advances in media forensics. To that end, we not only perform and present scientific papers (Most recently at the Audio Engineering Societies Audio Forensics conference in Arlington, VA), but also write articles for popular magazines such as Digital Forensics Magazine and Forensic Focus. 

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Security & Discretion

Encrypted servers, Hard Drive backups and PGP keys are just a few of the ways we ensure the security of our clients information and data. We never disclose information regarding our clients or the work we may be performing without discussing it with our client first. 

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