Mobile Phone Forensics

The use of data from mobile phones as evidence in courtrooms has increased exponentially over the past decade due to the proliferation of devices on the market combined with that fact that they are always on our person. If a crime has been committed, it is highly likely a mobile phone was being carried by the perpetrator at the time, and is therefore one of the first pieces of evidence analysed.

What data can we extract?

Mobile phones contain a plethora of data, including, but not limited to:

  • Extensive call logs

  • Stored and deleted text messages

  • Contact lists

  • Stored and deleted images

  • Stored and deleted videos

  • Stored and deleted audio recordings

  • Stored and deleted emails

  • Linked social media account history and files

  • Internet browsing history

  • GPS data

Our mobile device forensics examinations consist of three distinct stages:

  1. Collection of the exhibit in a forensically sound manner to ensure the chain of custody is maintained and no questions are raised later down the line in relation to such.

2. Physical examination of the device and imaging of the phones data using the most advanced software available to ensure a complete extraction.

3. Analysis of the imaged data using advanced analytical tools in relation to the points of instruction, ensuring all pertinent data is discovered.

We then compile a scientific but accessible forensic report based on our findings.