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The use of data from mobile phones as evidence in courtrooms has increased exponentially over the past decade due to the proliferation of devices on the market combined with the fact that they are always on our person. If a crime has been committed, it is highly likely a mobile phone was being carried by the perpetrator at the time, and is therefore one of the first and potentially most informative pieces of evidence analysed. Mobile phone examinations can also provide vital evidence in workplace disputes and family matters to document the sequences of communication between various parties.


We perform forensic analysis of mobile phones in all sectors including for use in criminal and civil trials, family court, workplace disputes and private matters.

As our duty is to the court and not the instructing party we can perform work on the instruction of any party, regardless of whether they represent the prosecution or defence, and can offer rates that meet those of the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).

The process

Mobile phone forensics consists of two stages: the acquisition of the data from the phone followed by the analysis of said data.

In terms of the acquisition, we understand how important phones are to peoples lives, so aim to limit the time it takes to image the device as best possible. We can perform the forensic acquisition of the data from the phone at our Birmingham based laboratory and return the device immediately, or on location using our mobile phone forensics workstation.

Once we have imaged the data from the device we can perform various analyses based on the your requirements and provide a forensic report which meets the standards required to be accepted as evidence in all UK court systems to document the methodology and findings from the forensic examination of the phone.


We can extract all data stored on a mobile phone, including;

Extensive call logs (Received, missed, dialed & voicemails)

Stored and deleted text messages

Contact lists

Stored and deleted photos

Stored and deleted videos

Stored and deleted audio recordings

Stored and deleted emails

Linked social media account history and files


Internet browsing history

GPS data

Mobile Phone Brands

We perform the extraction and forensic analysis of both smart phones and feature phones of all brands, including Apple iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, Acatel, Huawei, Nokia & HTC.

Our expertise

Our expertise in this area is demonstrated through degrees in both Computer Forensics and Multimedia Forensics and Continued Professional Development in this area.

All of our Mobile Phone Forensics techniques have been or are in the process of being validated in accordance with ISO 17025, and as such we are enrolled with a Pilot Scheme provided by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences with a target of under a year for accreditation in this area.

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