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Mobile phone Forensics

The use of data from mobile phones as evidence in courtrooms has increased exponentially over the past decade due to the proliferation of devices on the market combined with that fact that they are always on our person. If a crime has been committed, it is highly likely a mobile phone was being carried by the perpetrator at the time, and is therefore one of the first and potentially most informative pieces of evidence analysed.

We use cutting edge software for our mobile phone examinations, as used by agencies such as the FBI and Police Forces around the world. Doing so allows us to extract a vast amount of data from a wide variety of models, including those from Apple, Samsung, and Nokia.

TypES of data that can be EXTRACTED

  • Extensive call logs

  • Stored and deleted text messages

  • Contact lists

  • Stored and deleted photos

  • Stored and deleted videos

  • Stored and deleted audio recordings

  • Stored and deleted emails

  • Linked social media account history and files

  • Internet browsing history

  • GPS data

The methodology applied consists of the following:

  • Triage: To determine the most suitable method of acquisition based on the device and requirements of the instructing party;

  • Acquisition: Imaging of the mobile device to extract all data;

  • Analysis: Sequestering data based on that of interest to the instructing party using various methods such as data carving, machine learning and manual discovery.

We provide mobile device examinations for the private, civil and criminal sectors with competitive rates that meet those of Legal Aid Agency.

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