Forensic Image Services

Our image forensic services include photo enhancement, photo authentication and facial mapping. For more information on our forensic image services, including case work examples, please click on the service you are interested in on the left-hand panel.

Enhance Image - Enhance Photo - Photo Forensics - Photo Enhancement


Improve clarity of the entire image or of local areas such as faces and license plates.

Image Authentication - Photo Authentication - Image Forensics - Edited Image


Investigation into whether an image has been manipulated in any manner.

Facial Mapping - Facial Comparison - Image Forensics

Facial Mapping

Comparison of individuals through advanced morphological facial mapping.

Redact Faces - Remove Faces - Image Forensics - Mask Faces


Obscure/Highlight an individual within an image for use as evidence.

Image Extraction - Image Forensics - Photo Forensics


Extraction of images from devices while following best practices to maintain the chain of custody.

Object Comparison - Compare Weapons - Compare Clothing - Image Forensics

Object Comparison

Ascertain the degree of likeness between persons of interest or objects within an image.

Image Forensic | Forensic Photos


Consultations over evidence potential, expert reports and the results of analysis, via telephone or face to face meetings.

Forensic Expert Witness - Expert Testimony - Image Forensic - Photo Forensics

Expert Testimony

Providing expert testimony in the courtroom regarding the results of a forensic examination and assist in the questioning of testimony provided by the opposing expert witness.

Image Forensics Presentations - Photo Forensics


Images presented on a DVD including such processes as transitions, labeling and highlighting/redaction of individuals.