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The Guardian view on fake video: a trick too far

Last week a video was widely shared that apparently showed a balaclava-wearing “vigilante” attacking what was said to be a drug dealer’s car somewhere in Bolton. In the end, the police were able to show that the video was not real, but had been staged in order to suggest the police were not keeping the streets safe. It was a vivid illustration of how damaging fake video – fake views – can be, to individuals and also to communities. Then at the weekend, the American glossy Vanity Fair became the centre of an angry protest for extensively doctoring a group image of this year’s big stars. It is hardly a surprise to learn that images are untrustworthyforensic analysis of still and video images has been around for decades. But fakes are getting smarter all the time. The latest adaptation of artificial intelligence can now create false video that is almost impossible to detect. The camera does not just lie, it lies really convincingly.

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Source: The Guardian