Will Deepfakes Lead to a Video Forensics Boom?

Deepfakes are still a relatively new phenomenon, having first appeared in December 2017. Thus far their range of illicit use stretches from harmless mischief (putting Nick Cage's face in every movie ever made) to potential harassment (overlaying the faces of celebrities into porn videos).

At present, a deepfake can still be easily spotted by the untrained eye. The effect is impressive, but there are still obvious artifacts and inconsistencies in most of these videos that make it clear they have been doctored.

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User-friendly face-swapping video-editing software making it possible to create fake videos seeming to feature real politicians is reaching a point where it is becoming a global security threat, politicians and academics warn.

‘Deepfakes’, a combination of the terms ‘deep learning’ and ‘fake’, is an artificial intelligence-based image synthesis technique that combines source images or videos with other images or videos to create an ultra-realistic end result.

Getting its start in online pornography, the technology has since spread to the political realm, with easy-to-use software making it possible for anyone, anywhere with a computer and an internet connection to create hoaxes and increasingly convincing fake news.

‘Derpfakes’, a comedy YouTube channel featuring videos with fakes of politicians and celebrities demonstrates just how far the technology has come, showing side-by-side comparisons of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton, before and after they are altered using the imaging synthesis technique.

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Source: Info Wars

People are using creepy, cutting-edge AI technology to splice Nic Cage into every movie they can think of

The future is here — and it looks like Nicolas Cage.

Some online users are taking a new kind of artificial intelligence technology and using it to insert the hammy actor into films and TV shows he didn't actually star in — basically into anything and everything they can imagine, from classic James Bond films to scenes from "Game of Thrones."

Reddit users began posting about and running with the idea on Thursday after one wondered how long it would be before the AI technology, which has already been put to more unscrupulous uses, was used to create a "full Nic Cage movie."

"That's actually a very very good idea," another Reddit user responded.

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Source: Business Insider

Source: Business Insider