Scientists at CU Denver help journalists independently confirm identify of masked ISIS militant

The school’s National Center for Media Forensics recently helped the New York Times independently confirm the identity of a war criminal who claimed to be the narrator in a series of ISIS propaganda videos and recordings.

In the video, the masked English-speaking narrator gloats about the capture of Syrian fighters.

"And we're here with the soldiers of Bashar,” the masked-man says. “You can see them here - digging their own graves in the very place where they were stationed."

The New York Times reached out to scientists here in Denver to help identify the ISIS militant.

"We specialize in analyzing that material and determining where it came from," said Jeff Smith, director of CU Denver’s National Center for Media Forensics. "The process that we apply is highly technical."

35-year-old Mohammed Khalifa, who partially grew up in Toronto, Canada, claims to be the ISIS narrator. Khalifa made the claim from a Syrian jail where he is being held. He was captured earlier this year by an American-backed militia.

The video was released in 2014 and became known as "the flames of war."

"And the flames of war are only beginning to intensify," the narrator is heard saying.

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Source: The Denver Channel

Source: The Denver Channel