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Houston Forensic Science Center Terminates Analyst Over Shredded Notes

An audio/video forensic analyst in Houston was fired last week after it was revealed she had shredded her required case notes from a homicide scene, officials said.

The forensic analyst of audio and video evidence had worked on roughly 100 cases over her two years of employment, and those cases will be audited, said the Houston Forensic Science Center.

“HFSC will not tolerate the potential of professional misconduct and takes seriously any mishaps that may impact a criminal investigation,” said Peter Stout, the CEO and president of the HFSC. “For this reason, we have strong quality systems in place and we are satisfied they worked as intended in this incident.”

The analyst had responded to the scene of the homicide, a Jan. 12 killing in which an unidentified Hispanic male was shot in the chest outside a check-cashing establishment on the 8900 block of Beechnut Street, in southwest Houston. The man was rushed to a hospital, but later died. (No arrests have yet been made.)

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Source: Forensic Magazine