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Deepfake videos on Facebook and Instagram will stay up for now — but is that the right call?

Over the last two weeks, visual artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe have been uploading videos on Instagram that appear to show Kim Kardashian, President Donald Trump, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others singing the praises of their art project Spectre. The videos aren't real. They are deepfakes, videos that have been digitally altered, often to make it appear as though a person is doing or saying something they haven't.

"Spectre is examining the power of technology and its implications on our privacy and democracies," Posters tells Mic about the project. "With no external oversight, transparency, or regulation, we are all left to the mercy of Facebook's publication policies — this is the core of the issue." He explains the project was designed to get people to think more about the "power of technology and its implications on our privacy and democracies" and help decide if we are "comfortable with so much intimate private data about ourselves being surveilled, sold, traded and used to predict our behaviors and influence our decision making."

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