Event Reconstruction

Although multiple cameras may capture an incident, further clarity can be provided from the captures being aligned to show the full sequence of events. Using this information combined with satellite imagery, a visual reconstruction can then be created to show the route individuals took and the coverage area of the cameras which they moved through.

This type of demonstrative is perfect in providing juries and decision makers with easy to understand visuals and can even be presented with the actual evidence imagery on the same screen.

We can improve the quality of recordings with a variety of problems, including:

Poor resolution

Subject too far from the camera

Low Level lighting

Compression artefacts

Action happening too fast

Poor audio quality

Our software can read and convert video recordings from every form of device, such as mobile phones, proprietary CCTV recording systems and digital cameras. We deal with all formats of video including MP4, MPV, AVI, MOV, H264 & MKV.