Audio Tape Conversion

Conversion from audio cassette tape to a digital format such as a CD by a forensic audio expert can provide a simple solution to playback issues with audio tape formats such as DAT and cassettes. Although analogue audio cassette tapes have been replaced by digital audio, there are still some organisations which use tapes for various reasons, and tapes from yesteryear that hold vital evidence. For ease of storage, sharing and playback, conversion to a digital medium is a necessity in this day and age.

We use high-grade studio equipment to convert tapes in real-time to high quality, 92kHz, 24 Bit WAV recordings, minimizing noise and quantization error. Conversion to MP3 will result in poor quality results due to the lossy compression algorithm employed by the codec. The utmost discretion is used with regards to the content of the tapes and only the most secure methods are used for delivery of the final product.  

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