Facial Mapping

Facial Mapping (sometimes referred to as facial comparison) is a technique used in the comparison of 2 individuals.  We are one of the few companies that specialise in this field and have performed examinations in a multitude of areas, including domestic disputes, gang war and murder investigations.

How can it help?

There are often times when an individual has been accused based on the review of CCTV footage and determination that 2 individuals have very similar features.  CCTV recordings are often of such poor resolution and contain so many artifacts that even with the best intentions, mistakes can easily be made and the wrong person identified. 

Our advanced facial mapping expert techniques can yield solid scientific results in the field of facial comparison, with findings that are never under or overstated and only based on the evidence at hand.  The techniques that are seen on television and in movies where two faces are overlapped and the computer pings and shows "100% match" are far from accurate. In reality, forensic images and recordings are of such poor quality that it is impossible to take measurements of, for example, the distance between the eyes and compare this to another image. 

We use the FISWG (Facial Identification Scientific Working Group) recommended facial comparison method of  morphological analysis when performing facial comparison, supplemented with Super-Imposition where possible. This technique has several stages.

1) Footage reviewed and best captures of person are extracted

2) Extracted images are enhance to provide the optimal clarity of features

3) Morphological comparison takes place. This method  involves the listing of all features of an individual within a photo or video and comparison of the features to a suspect in question.

4) A report is compiled based on our analysis and findings. By comparing multiple facial features it increases the accuracy of the face mapping procedure and the method can be applied to various types of evidence, including CCTV, photographs and videos. 

Please click here to read our Facial Mapping Techniques Comparison Whitepaper & Forensic Focus article "When no conclusion can be a conclusion" for more information on face mapping.

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