Who We Are

Verden Forensics specialise in audio, image and video forensics from our main office in Birmingham, England and our US office in  Denver, Colorado.

Audio-visual forensics is our passion, as the research and continuing training we undertake is a testament to. Although the only work we undertake is related to audio, image and video, rather than venturing into other areas such as phones and computers, we offer and extensive list of services and aim to excel in each. As the saying goes, "scattered efforts produce scattered results". Focusing on the niche area we are passionate about affords us the time and experience to provide our clients with the latest techniques, software and science, rather than splitting our efforts between a wide range of disciplines. 

  Our primary focus is on delivering work of the highest scientific, that cannot be disputed at a later date. To do this we never under or overstate our findings, mitigate cognitive biases wherever possible and follow guidelines provided by Scientific Working Groups within our field. We also implement a Quality Assurance program in which experts verify each others reports, ensuring that your analysis has been cross-correlated by at least 2 experts. 

We also believe in strong customer relations, and are always happy to discuss any questions you may have, or offer guidance on the best way to approach a specific situation. As experts we are highly accessible and responsive and can be reached directly via phone or email.